Boating Accidents

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Florida has over 10,000 miles of rivers, streams, lakes and ocean coastline. All of this water makes cities in Florida ideal for people to enjoy boating, fishing, scuba diving, cruising, jet skis, wave runners, paddle boarding and all kinds of other watercraft activities. The Okeechobee County boating accident lawyers at Colter Law Group know that, as fun as these activities can be, they can lead to severe injury if there is negligence.

Because Florida is such a draw to tourists, many operators prey on their excitement and inexperience by renting out shoddy equipment or neglect to provide proper safety equipment or instructions. Every boat or watercraft operator has a responsibility to operate his or her boat or watercraft safely and to navigate the waters carefully. Should an operator be negligent in the operation of a vessel, they may be held liable along with the owner for injuries or harm sustained as a result of their negligence.

There are over a thousand boat accidents every year in the state of Florida. The causes of these boat accidents vary, and can include a lack of experience operating a boat, not providing proper safety equipment, recklessness, renting equipment to children, speeding, operating a vessel while drunk or under the influence of drugs, and defective design.

Damages from Boating Accidents

Boating accidents can cause severe injuries which often include spinal cord injury, brain injury, paralysis, fractures, drowning, death and even severe and permanent disfigurement from being run over by a boat or even caught in a boat's propellers. Sometimes, drowning occurs from victim being in water without a life jacket. If you have rented a boat and there were not life preservers provided on board, then the operator can be liable.

We at Colter Law Group take care of everything for you: investigating your claim and creating a solid body of evidence to win in court. We know that the aftermath of any accident can be difficult, so we take the burden off of you so that you can recover and get back to your life.

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