DUI With Damage Injuries or Death


Thomas L. Colter and the attorneys of the Colter Law Group represent Florida drivers who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol subsequent to an automobile accident investigation. When law enforcement officers respond to a scene of a motor vehicle accident resulting in property damage, injuries, or death, they are trained to look for signs that alcohol may have been a contributing factor. If signs of alcohol or chemical substances are present the law enforcement officer will begin a criminal investigation. If you were involved in a DUI incident that involved, property damage, bodily injury to yourself or another or even death, you need to retain the services of a criminal defense lawyer immediately, as the penalties are substantially more severe than with a typical DUI. Contact the Stuart law firm of the Colter Law Group to discuss your case.

DUI Crash Investigations in the State of Florida

If you have been involved in a crash and the police suspect that you were driving under the influence, they are required to follow a specific protocol. There are many differences between this type of DUI investigation and what occurs if you are stopped because of a traffic violation or in a DUI checkpoint. To begin with, before they can begin an investigation, the police officers need to inform you that they have completed their crash investigation and are beginning a criminal investigation into DUI. Because you may have been injured during the crash, you may not be able to perform voluntary roadside exercises. If the crash resulted in serious bodily injury to another party, however, they have the legal right to take a blood sample—by force if necessary. If they do not do this and you are hospitalized, the investigating officer can subpoena your medical records, which may show your blood alcohol level.

Professional Criminal Defense Lawyers for Felony DUI Cases

If you are arrested for drunk driving pursuant to an accident, you are going to require the services of an experienced criminal defense lawyer. We represent Florida and out of state drivers who are accused of:

  • DUI with property damage
  • DUI resulting in bodily injury to another person
  • DUI manslaughter (DUI homicide)
  • Hit and Run
  • Fleeing and Eluding

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