Enforcement of Custody and Support Agreements

Florida Family Law Attorneys

Florida Law Firm Provides Help Enforcing Divorce Agreements

Coming to an agreement regarding custody and support is difficult enough, but how can you be sure that the provisions of the agreements will be followed? An experienced divorce lawyer like those at Colter Law group can help enforce divorce agreements so that you and your children receive the support you need and deserve.

There are many ways Florida encourages compliance with court orders such as custody and support agreements, including wage garnishment, contempt of court and fines all encourage cooperation, but if you need legal assistance with any type of divorce or order enforcement, our firm will help. We handle various types of enforcement proceedings, including child custody, spousal support or alimony, and custody or parenting plans.

Child Custody

In Florida, both parents are bound by the court's custody order once it has been signed by the judge and filed with the court clerk. Changing a custody order requires one or both parents to show that a major change in circumstances that is detrimental to the child has occurred.

Florida has adopted the provisions of the federal Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, and custody orders are enforced under its requirements. The UCCJEA gives exclusive jurisdiction for child custody litigation to the child's home state (where he has lived with a parent for six consecutive months prior to the proceeding) and contains uniform procedures to register and enforce child-custody orders across state lines. The Colter Law Firm is familiar with the provisions of the UCCJEA and can give you guidance in enforcing child custody agreements in Florida.

Child Support

The consequences for failing to comply with support obligations can be serious, and the state of Florida uses various methods to get delinquent parents to pay child support, including:

  • Arrest warrants and incarceration
  • Driver's license suspension
  • Tax refund seizure
  • Wage or unemployment benefit garnishment
  • Car, boat, or personal property liens
  • Reporting support obligations to credit agencies

Our firm is dedicated to aggressively defending family rights and obligations in the state of Florida. Contact Colter Law Group online or call (772) 888-0883 for help with the enforcement of custody and support agreements in Martin, Indian River, St. Lucie, and Okeechobee counties.