Preparing For a Divorce

Florida Divorce Attorneys Offer Solid Representation

Florida Family Law Firm Helps Couples Prepare for Divorce

Every day dozens of people in Florida decide to end their marriages. Divorce, or dissolution of marriage, is chosen for a number of reasons, including spousal abuse, child abuse/neglect, an unfaithful spouse, or irreconcilable differences.

Regardless of the reasons for a divorce, spouses should do a number of things to prepare for divorce, including:

  • Hire a lawyer. Whether you were blindsided by the divorce petition or saw it coming, you need to make an informed choice regarding representation. You should hire an attorney that focuses on divorce and family law, such as those at Colter Law Group.
  • Gather financial information. One of the primary objectives of the divorce process is to obtain an equitable division of assets and debts. To do so, you must determine what you own, what you owe, and your income. Once you have collected your important financial documents, you need to make two copies of each document – one for you and one for your attorney. It is also a good idea to make a list of all the documents you have, the ones you still need, and those that you have provided to your attorney.
  • Prepare a budget. You should actually prepare two budgets: one that illustrates the financial situation in the house before the divorce filing, and another that estimates your budget after the divorce is final. Knowing your monthly budget is essential to demonstrate your standard of living and financial need as well as that of the children.
  • Avoid taking on additional debt or making major purchases. When you are preparing for divorce, it is important that you be conservative with your finances, since before your divorce can be finalized, you and your spouse will need to decide who is responsible for each debt.
  • Don't make a final decision on leaving the marital home until you speak with a divorce attorney at the Colter Law Group. Although things are stressful and potentially dangerous, there are some legal and practical considerations that you should address with a qualified divorce attorney before your decision is made final.

If you are preparing for a divorce, you need the skilled representation of a divorce attorney who will put your interests first. Contact Colter Law Group online or call (772) 888-0883 for strong family law representation throughout the Florida counties of Martin, Indian River, St. Lucie, and Okeechobee.