Traffic Violations


The traffic defense attorneys of the Colter Law Group of Stuart, FL represent individuals who have been ticketed for moving and non-moving violations in and around Martin County. Most Florida drivers recognize that the financial costs of getting a ticket for speeding or running a red light greatly exceed the fine associated with the infraction. In addition to paying the standard fine, you will accrue points on your Florida driver's license and your insurance premium will increase. If you have received tickets in the past, your license may even be suspended and your car insurance cancelled. Our ticket lawyers can usually get the points dismissed and your fines reduced. In many cases, we are able to beat the tickets, and our clients do not accrue any fines or points. Call our Stuart ticket defense law office to talk about your traffic violation.

Your Options in the State of Florida if your are cited with at Traffic Violation

Whether you were stopped by a Stuart police officer, a Martin County Sheriff's deputy, or a Florida Highway Patrol trooper, your options for a non-criminal violation are the same: pay the citation or citations, go to driving school, or fight the traffic violation in the Martin County traffic court. You will have thirty days to inform the Clerk of the County Court as to which option you are selecting.

Paying the Fine: If you pay the citation, points will be assessed to your FL driver's license. It takes three years for those points to come off and to stop affecting your insurance rates.

Attend Driving School: If you decide to go to driving school, no points will be assessed to your FL driver's license, but you will have to pay for the school and take time out of your schedule to attend the class.

Fighting Your Ticket in Court: If you decide that you are going to try to fight your Florida uniform traffic citation in court, it is a multi-appearance process. You will be required to go to the Martin County courthouse a total of three times during business hours. On your third visit, you will have the option of a trial. This system is so cumbersome and time-consuming that most people never consider it. If you choose to utilize the services of the Colter Law Group, however, one of our traffic violation attorneys can attend the appearances on your behalf. In most cases, you won't have to show up in person. Because our lawyers are familiar with ins and outs of the Martin County traffic courts, we are often able to get the adjudication withheld and keep the points off of your license.

Professional Traffic Citation and Violations Lawyers of Stuart, FL

If you have received a traffic violation citation in the past thirty days, contact the attorneys of the Colter Law Group. Using a traffic defense lawyer has proven to be one of the most cost-effective ways to combat a traffic citation and our attorneys have a proven track record of success. Call our Stuart office at (772) 888-0883 to discuss your ticket.